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Welcome to your panel board To Learn more on how to surf in kenzion search engine click the link at the top menu

Learn how to surf the internet with kenzion search engine

Kenzion search engine is a free application that can be access with and from any devices that is connected to the internet, for you to access other features that is embeded in this search engine you have to create an account, to open new account click Here

Start surfing with Kenzion Search Engine

Kenzion search engine like others depend on users to surf the internet with kenzion search application .For you to surf the internet with kenzion search engine and get some earnings you need to create an account and also complete the process by subscribing .
You need to have the following requirements for you to be effective in this online home job
  1. You need to have a device that can access the internet .
  2. You need to know how to search the internet for information .
These two points are the major factors or requirements you really need for you to work at kenzion search engine work at home jobs.
If you have any idea on website development it will be an added advantage . Kenzion search engine keeps recodes of all your activities on your panel board so always check to see how much work you have put in for each day .

How much do we pay

How much you get paid depends on you . Really, we can't say for sure how much you can earn either per day or per week or month because really it all depends on how many links that is recoded for you as you keep surfing . There is no fix amount to pay any online worker , its all been calculated by the system so ,work hard see your earns then you can say for your self how much you have work .

Cash out link will be show to any worker who have earned more than a thousand naira . Please note that .
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